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25th April 2019: The Shed is 1 year old

The Men's Shed, Chard celebrates it's first anniversary with a lunch for members and their partners. For further information on what we have been up to in our first year, please click on 'blog' in the menu bar at the page header .

Tool donation from B&Q

As more members join the Men's Shed, Chard it was necessary to duplicate the tools that are available for the shedders to use. B&Q has helped us enormously in this endevaour by donating some tools to the shed. We are very grateful for their kind generosity.


Visit by Representative of the Royal Voluntary Service

June 7th 2018

On Wednesday 6th June 2018 we welcomed a representative from the Royal Voluntary Service who presented the shed with a plaque to commemorate the financial award they gave us to help start up the shed. We showed the rep what we had achieved so far and what we planned to do in the future. After a brief get to know the shedders over a cup of coffee, the rep took some photos which will be shared with us once they have been edited. The images will be posted into our blog in the near future.

Carpenter Tools

New Workbenches

June 5th, 2018

We realised that we needed more sturdy workbenches for our guys to work from so instead of buying them, we decided we would make them ourselves. The cost of a good workbence we estimated to be around £200 for a good one. After a bit of design planning and costing, we worked out we could build one ourselves at a cost of around £50 each. One of the shedders was duly dispatched to the local timber yard and work commenced on building six new workbenches. We have already made one and working on five more. The size and sturdiness of he benches should allow two people to work on one bench should it become necessary. 

Laptop and Diary Topview

From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Men's Shed, Chard

April 25, 2018

There are quite a few very good clubs in the area but none that had a workshop environment where men could come together, share their skills and get creative, hence, the Men's Shed concept was adopted for the Chard and surrounding districts community.

The first priority was to set up a small working group to come up with ideas and make the Men's Shed a reality; top of the agenda was a venue to work from.

Fortunately, one of the working group members had a smallholding and he graciously offered the barn on the smallholding as a site for the Men's Shed; we had found a home. There was some work to be done on the barn; install a wooden floor, clean up the workshop area and put together necessary safety equipment. Kitchen facilities and toilet were also part of the barn.

Just as important was setting up the necessary insurances, risk assessments and health and safety checks. A code of conduct and constitution also had to be considered and 'written up', but here, the help of the UK Men's Shed Association was invaluable.

Funding was applied for to help offest the start-up costs and, we are very grateful to the RVS Asda Foundation and Southend Schools Church Of England Foundation for their generous funding awards.

So, an opening date was set and the idea of the Men's Shed finally became a realty on Wednesday 25th April 2018.

Come along and join us. You will receive a warm welcome to our shed.